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We at little baby clinic believe that child birth is an occassion of immense joy and celebration. Our aim is to make your journey through Parenthood pleasant and memorable.

Massage Benefit

Promotion of bonding and secure attachment, Verbal/non-verbal communication, Development of trust and confidence

Swimming Benefit

It boosts confidence, It develops their co-ordination,It builds their strength, It enhances their well-being.

Massage Benefit

Circulatory and digestive systems,Hormonal and immune systems,Learning and concentration,Muscular development and growth.

Swimming Benefit

It enhances their well-being,Increased flexibility and muscle tone,Regulation of behavioral states, Reduction in stress hormones

Little about us

Our medical expertise and comprehensive care includes complete range of OPD services for newborns and children including OPD consultation, growth and development assessment , vaccination and nutritional advice.

  • Pediatric & Neonatal
  • Child development Center
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Baby Cosmetics
  • Baby SPA
  • Baby Gymnastics
  • Medical Pharmacy

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