About Us

We at little baby clinic believe that child birth is an occassion of immense joy and celebration. Our aim is to make your journey through Parenthood pleasant and memorable.

Our medical expertise and comprehensive care includes complete range of OPD services for newborns and children including OPD consultation, growth and development assessment , vaccination and nutritional advice.

  • Pediatric & Neonatal
  • Child development Center
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Baby Cosmetics
  • Baby SPA
  • Baby Accessories
  • Baby Gymnastics
  • Medical Pharmacy

Meet Our Specialists

Dr Prashanth P

MBBS DCH DNB FIPM, Master in Neonatal Nutrition (Poroto, Portugal), PGPN (Boston University)Msc Neonatology (Uk). Acute point of care ultrasound POCUS (Johns Hopkins hospital, Baltimore, USA), HOD Neonatology & Pediatrics, Motherhood Hospital, National Instructor for NNF IAP
NRP-FGM,Director of Littlebaby Health care, NNF Executive Board
Member(2018-2020), Tedx speaker, National Accreditation committee member (2019-2021).

Dr Jyoti Bandi

Obstetrician Gynecologist
Joint Director of Littlebaby India Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
And Managing Director of Neo Gurukul


(M.O.Th., PGDHM, EI,CAS, Br Gym, HWT)
Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist
Occupational Therapy Consultant

Dr Meghna, a Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist, has 19 years of experience in the field of Occupational Therapy. A post graduate in Occupational therapy, she is specialised in the field of Neonatal therapy, Sensory Processing Disorders, Neurosciences and Child Psychiatry.

She is well versed with Therapeutic care of Preterm in NICU and Neurodevelopmental Screening of High Risk Infants/ New Borns for any possible delays. She is able to provide highly specialized therapeutic interventions to these babies so as to facilitate the prevention of adverse sequela due to prematurity and/or prolonged hospitalization. She has got her training as Early Interventionist from California State University, Los Angeles. Due to her explicit experience in the field of pediatric Occupational Therapy she is able to handle cases like Autism, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit , Behavioural issues, Sensory Processing Disorders, Down’s Syndrome, CP etc .

She can handle adult cases with neurological problems like Head Injury, parkinsonism, Hemiplegia etc.

Roopa P S​

SPA Therapy

LittleBaby Spa believes that a spa should be an enjoyable experience for kids and to fulfill that we provide dedicated spa therapist with an experience of over 20 years Mrs. Roopa P.S who is passionate about health and beauty and love to pamper infants and kids. She is expert in Hydrotherapy, Baby Massage, Ear piercing, Hair cut, Pedicure and Manicure.


Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist

Rency is Post Graduate Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist with an experience of over Four years. As a speech language pathologist and speech therapist, she is expert in dealing with speech, language and communication disorders in pediatric segment., Rency has specifically trained in the assessment and diagnosis of various disorders like autistic spectrum disorders, specific language impairments, learning disability, mental retardation, post stroke language and speech concerns, traumatic brain injury, motor speech disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders like stuttering, articulation and phonological disorders; and Re-habilitation of the same. As an audiologist, she is trained in the assessment and diagnosis of individuals with hearing impairment catering from neonates to geriatric population. Trained in fitting of hearing aids, assistive listening; recommendations for cochlear implantation and is also involved in the pre and post cochlear implantation assessment, auditory training and auditory based rehabilitation.


B.O.Th, M.O.Th
Occupational therapist

Mihika is Post Graduate occupational therapist from The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University with an experience of over Four years. As occupational therapist, she is expert in dealing with musculoskeletal conditions, child mental health, neurodevelopmental and sensory processing disorders. Mihika is specifically trained in the assessment and intervention for various disorders particularly Intellectual / Developmental Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Genetic Disorder/ Metabolic Disorder and Learning Disability. She has attended many workshops and is certified in therapeutic listening. Her areas of interest are sensory integration therapy mainly focusing on vestibular and visual systems and therapeutic listening.