Mummy Burp me please ………………..awooooooo

I may be uncomfortable after feedings,i might have swallowed air during the feeding or crying. Burping helps me get rid of air that i have swallowed.

  • Burp me, when i switch breasts during feeding.
  • Burp me when bottle-feeding after each 30 mL (1 fl oz) to 60 mL (2 fl oz) of fluid.
  • Burp me after the feeding is finished.
  • If i have problems with gas or spitting up, you may burp me more frequently.
  • I burp readily on my own after 2 months of age.

To burp me:
Place me in an upright position, such as over your shoulder or in a sitting position on your lap. If you place me on your lap, place your hand under the chin to support my head.Gently rub or pat my back. I might not always burp each time you do this, because i wouldn’t have swallowed air. Wait a few minutes and try again.you can keep trying for at least 10-15min.Sometimes formula or breast milk comes up with the air when i burp. A clean face cloth, cloth diaper,can prevent the mess,he he he.

To help swallow less air during bottle feedings:
Make sure the formula is not too hot or too cold.
Hold the bottle so no air gets into the nipple.
Place me upright in your arms when feeding.