General Questions

The concept of school and pre-school education consists of 3 programs of development and training in our academy.

Little Baby India provides exclusive Water-Training, Baby Massage and Baby Haircut services for babies in Singapore aged from 1 to 24 months old.
A: Yes. Little Baby India provides Baby Haircut Services Visit service including Baby First Haircut Certificate in both hard (laminated) and soft (digital) copies. The certificate is a very heartwarming baby memorabilia. For bookings, please call +91 80 50404040 .
Little Baby India most popular baby products are Swimming Diapers, Baby Weighing Scale and Baby Playpen. All products are available. You may also order online at or call +91 80 50404040 for cash-on-delivery.
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Our services are suitable for babies starting at one month of age until two years old
Babies have to be put in the small pool first to train them in the water environment. Once they are fully adjusted, they may be put in the big pool starting on their 5th or 6th swimming sessions.
Babies must be accompanied and supervised by at least one adult at all times during the sessions. This is to help strengthen the bond between baby and parent and to boost their confidence during the sessions.
Physical Development – Your baby’s heart, lungs, and muscles will be exercised in the warm-water Jacuzzi. This strengthens your baby’s immune system to not easily get sick.
IQ Development – Your baby’s mental ability will be sharpened during the training whereby warm-water pressure stimulates the nervous system and the brain.
EQ Development – Emotional intelligence will be enhanced through the interaction with other babies in the pool.