Extension of God. The Drs who came into our lives and gave us little Angel our second child Aarna. Our Neonatologist- Dr. Prashanth
Big thanks to Dr Prasanth who was extremely thoughtful and was always available to parents and babies
Dr Prasanth experience could be felt with the discipline and authority of decision which was established in NICU
Very approachable and all time support for parents who are going through a lot emotionally.
We got to see a different world of struggle, dedication and commitment of doctors and nurses in the NICU which was unknown to us until our little Aarna was in there.

- Rajesh Krishna and Abinaya

Hi Dr. Prashanth and Team,
20th March 2015 was a date we remember and cherish for ever as our son Darsheel (B/o Priya) born on this date. It was a proud and most eagerly waited day of our life. As pregnancy was identified as high risk, I was waiting outside the OT like a small kid waiting for exam results. At around 1.30 PM a team of doctors and Nurses bought a tiny creature to NICU after delivery. A smart and handsome person came to me and introduced himself as Dr. Prashanth, Paediatrician responsible for my kid. He congratulated on becoming a proud father of the son, that was a moment I started crying. He controlled me like my own brother and took me to NICU and showed me my son. He also told me that my wife is also good, will be shifted to room in few hours. After a short while he started explaining me about my son’s preterm delivery and underweight along with their further plan of action for his treatment. He told me that Darsheel need to be in NICU for 3-4 weeks approx. Since low birth weight and preterm were known complications to us, I readily agreed for his treatment plan.
Team started treating our son, everyday we used to visit our son in NICU multiple times. All the nurses and doctor’s were kind enough to allow us inside NICU 24 X 7. Always they explained us babies growth regularly. They listened and answered all our queries to our satisfaction.
Since our son was responding positively, after 9 days of treatment they shifted mother and baby to ward for further observation. They discharged him after 3 days of observation in ward. So totally we spent 12 days in hospital as against planned 3-4 weeks. All this is because of the good care taken by Dr. Prashanth and team.
Now we are still following up with Dr. Prashanth regularly as our son is now 1.85Kgs. As always he is kind enough to answer all our queries and suggesting us to how to take care of our son properly.
We would like to thank entire team including Dr. Prashanth, Dr. Ali and all Nursing staff for taking good care of our son.
Our son’s birth gave us an opportunity to meet one of the best doctor of our life time, more than that a good human being.

- Raghu and Priya